Business Kit


Whitehorse City Council’s Business Kit offers a range of information for new business owners. Be informed about Council and government services, grants, and a range of general and specific information that can help aid business growth.

Download a copy of Council’s Business Kit

If you are just starting a new business, you will need to register your business name.

To register for an Australian Business Number, visit the Australian Business Register website at


Home Based Business

There are home occupancy requirements and considerations when planning a home based business


Planning Requirements and information:

Read the planning schemes online - home based business document


Additional information to consider:

  • If you are planning to prepare, handle or store food at home you must apply for a Food Act Registration. For more information, call Council’s Environmental Health Unit on 9262 6197
  • If you are proposing to conduct beauty treatment including electrolysis, tattooing, body piercing, acupuncture or hairdressing at your home, you must apply to Council’s Environmental Health Unit on 9262 6197 
  • Contact the Planning and Building Department regarding signage and if a permit is required 
  • If you are planning to alter or change the use of an existing building or carry out structural works you will require a Building Permit. Contact Councils Building Services Unit on 9262 6421

Please consider your neighbours when operating your buisness by:

  • Maintaining your property to ensure you make a positive contribution to the streetscape
  • Ensuring that any noisy aspects of your operation are away from your neighbours. Try soundproofing to minimise the impact on neighbours
  • Maintaining the residential character of the neighbourhood by storing materials and goods indoors
  • Discussing any issues with your neighbours before they become unsolvable problems