Does your business have a permit?

For information and contact details on requirements for operating a business in Whitehorse, click here.

Investment and Economic Development

While you do not need to register your business with the Investment and Economic Development Unit, there are benefits of getting in touch. Whitehorse City Council has developed a wide range of workshops, seminars, programs and services aimed at attracting and assisting businesses within the municipality.

Business permits are required from the following area:

Environmental Health

Registers and assesses food businesses and hairdressing, beauty and body art premises to ensure all health requirements, specifications and codes are met. Detailed information can be found in the followiing links:

Community Laws

Issues permits to business operators for the use of footpath for trading purposes. To view the information sheet on footpath trading click here.

For detailed information including the footpath trading guidelines, please visit:

Planning and Building

Planning advises where and under what conditions your site can be used and developed including issues such as land use, parking needs, operating hours, outdoor advertising and external works and alterations.

Building deals with alterations, demolitions, new buildings or extensions to ensure that your business meets the fire, safety and structural standards.

For more information, visits:

Footpath trading