Better Tax Management for Manufacturers

15 June 2017
Dendra Accounting Group
108 Middleborough Road, Blackburn South VIC 3130
ATO Interest, Penalties & Debt Arrangements
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Manufacturing businesses in Australia have special tax needs. The ATO over the past 3 years has been increasing pressure on small business and is owed over $20 billion and of this amount, 65% is attributed to small business (that’s over $13 billion that small business owes the ATO). A healthy proportion of this can be attributed to manufacturers. In our experience around 50% of manufacturing businesses contacting us for consulting are carrying tax debt.

In this expert briefing for Manufacturing Businesses, Jim Hyssoli of Dendra will be shedding light on the approach to take when a manufacturing business owes money to the ATO.

The event will be held in the boardroom at Dendra and booking is essential. Please phone 9808-0208 and ask to speak with Jim Hyssoli to discussing the booking and time of the event or click the booking tab to send an email titled attention Jim Hyssoli via Contact Us.