Mums returning to work

3 August 2018
Box Hill Town Hall
1022 Whitehorse Road
Box Hill VIC 3128
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Stay-at-home mum? The kids are older and you may be ready to re-enter the workforce or your dream home based business. What to do next? Whitehorse Business Group has the perfect starting point. '

Topics that will be covered during the session:

1. Ways of exhibiting those key transferrable skills you’ve attained as a mother
2. How to find the ‘Win Win’ employers who actively recruit return to work mums
3. Keeping up with the times & upskilling
4. Re-connecting
5. Thinking outside of the box
6. Developing your personal brand using social media
7. Tips for preparing for the various types of interviews
8. Connecting with return to work mum friendly agencies such as Adecco
9. Why you should apply for full-time positions & tips for negotiating flexible work arrangements.
10. Establishing a home-based business - Where to start