Retail Centres in Whitehorse

Within the City of Whitehorse there are around 85 retail centres. The number of businesses contained within these centres can range from 2 to more than 100. The retail sector is a major employer within the municipality, providing more than 7000 jobs (both part time and full time).


The major retail precincts in Whitehorse include:

Box Hill Metropolitan Activity Centre

Forest Hill Chase

Burwood Heights

MegaMile Home and Lifestyle Precinct


See below for further information on retail precincts in Whitehorse:

Blackburn Station Village

Blackburn South Shopping Precinct

Brentford Square

Burwood One Plaza


Mitcham Shopping Precinct

Mont Albert Village

Parkmore Shopping Village

Rangeview Shops

Wattle Park


The retail centres in Whitehorse are supported by Council’s Whitehorse Retail Strategy which outlines identifies strengths and challenges for each precinct and how to enhance the opportunities.


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