Whitehorse, Discover the Advantage

Council’s investment prospectus document is titled, Whitehorse, Discover the Advantage. The aim of the document is to facilitate investment attraction and highlight the benefits of working, living and doing business in Whitehorse.

Whitehorse, Discover the Advantage boasts the Whitehorse identity, location and connectivity, resources, economic growth, investment opportunities, sustainability, future growth and development of the City and its quality lifestyle. The document is the initiative that will form the foundation of promoting Whitehorse in attracting local, national and international interest. Facilitating investment in Whitehorse is critical in sustaining a vibrant, active and diversified economy for the wellbeing of our businesses and residents.

Click here to download and view a copy of Whitehorse, Discover the Advantage.

Click here to view an economic snapshot of Whitehorse.

For more information about how you can discover the possibilities of investing in Whitehorse, contact Council’s Business and Economic Development Unit on 9262 6333.

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