Whitehorse Investment and Development Facilitation Service

Whitehorse City Council has initiated the Whitehorse Investment and Development Facilitation Service (WIDFS).  Designed as a ‘one stop shop’ for large-scale investment projects, this service helps prospective investors and developers navigate the complex and burdensome array of government rules, regulations and processes that often stifle development.

In an effort to help improve the ease in which to do business in Whitehorse, the WIDFS will help create a smooth and uncomplicated process for individuals, businesses and organisations that wish to invest in major projects.

The benefits of the WIDFS include:

  • Discussion with Council can begin prior to the purchase of vacant land or existing premises
  • Establishment of a pre-application advisory committee to discuss the proposition
  • Coordinated advice from Council officers across the relevant departments through an appointed Project Case Manager
  • Limited unnecessary time delays
  • Advice concerning requirements of other government agencies and utilities
  • Application monitoring with progress advice and assistance

For more information on the WIDFS, please contact the Investment and Economic Development Unit on 9262 6453 or

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