Silver for Whitehorse Tertiary Business Skills Program




The City of Whitehorse has been awarded a Silver Medal for its Whitehorse Tertiary Business Skills program (WTBSP), as part of the 2018 National Local Government Innovation Award. 


The WTBSP provides local businesses with the opportunity to utilise the talents, insights and dedication of second year, third year and postgraduate students from the Deakin Business School to assist in designated daily business operations and/or with a specific project to improve business outcomes. The program is free to Whitehorse businesses, as the program forms part of the students’ curriculum, no remuneration expenses or fees are applicable for businesses.        


For participating students, the WTBSP provides a forum to apply their knowledge gained from their tertiary studies. It offers practical, hands-on experience and a chance to make a difference at various local businesses and organisations.   Many students have gained an insight into how businesses operate, with some students having been fortunate to gain employment at their respective organisations following the completion of the program. To date, there have been more than 200 students complete the program.


The WTBSP was initiated in 2009, and has become a core component of Whitehorse’s annual I&ED Calendar as it addresses a number of goals within the 2017-2021 Council Plan – Strategic Direction, and the Whitehorse Economic Development Strategy 2014-2019, including:


  • Develop closer relationships with business groups.
  • Provide support to growth, development and marketing of local businesses.
  • Facilitate key education institutions to play a larger role in local business development


This year the 2018 Whitehorse Tertiary Business Skills Program will celebrate 10 years of collaboration between Whitehorse City Council, Deakin University, Local Businesses and students.  This milestone is a reflection of the work that has been done and the successful nature of the program.