Utilise the Skills of Deakin Business School Students

Whitehorse Tertiary Business Skills Program

The Whitehorse Tertiary Business Skills Program provides an opportunity for local businesses to connect with and utilise the skills of Deakin University students.


Program benefits:

  • Request the skills of one or two Deakin Business School students.
  • Skill-sets including accounting, finance, economics, human resource management, management, events management, real estate, and marketing.
  • An opportunity for businesses to plan out a project to enhance their business, and can request specific skill sets including languages.
  • The program is free. No remuneration expenses or participation fees.


Placements are limited.

Key Dates:

Application close - 24 April 2018 

Program commences - 2 July 2018

Program concludes - 21 September 2018


The Whitehorse Tertiary Business Skills Program is an innovative student internship program run in collaboration with Whitehorse City Council’s Investment and Economic Development Unit and the Deakin Business School.

The Program matches Whitehorse businesses with second year, third year or postgraduate Deakin University students who are educated and equipped with specialised knowledge, theories and business practices to apply to business strategies. Students generally complete one day per week with a business over a three-month period.

For Whitehorse-based businesses, the program offers the opportunity to utilise the skills of university students to improve business outcomes. Businesses may require specialised input with a specific project or additional assistance with typical operations such as accounting.

For students, the program offers the opportunity to apply the skills learnt at University into the workplace. They gain the satisfaction of adding value to a local business, may receive academic credit and improve their chances of gaining employment following the completion of their studies.


Please click on the links below for more information:

Whitehorse Teritary Business Skills Program Business Application Form

Whitehorse Teritary Business Skills Information Flyer 

Whitehorse Tertiary Business Skills Program FAQ's

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For further information or to submit your application,

please contact Council's Investment and Economic Development Unit:

P: 9262 6333