Whitehorse Investment & Economic Development Strategy 2024-2028

The Investment and Economic Development Strategy is the lead strategy in guiding Council’s economic and investment growth and sustainability.

The current Investment and Economic Development Strategy Extension 2020-2022 is about to expire therefore Council is seeking to conduct an extensive consultation process to inform the development of the new Investment and Economic Development Strategy (I&EDS) 2024-2028. 

The I&EDS 2024-2028 will explore the following areas in addition to other themes that are identified through the consultation process, including:

  • retention and expansion of local businesses;
  • business attraction that contributes positively to the overall enhancement of the local economy;
  • investment facilitation and advocacy (Box Hill and Burwood);
  • promotion of sustainable development and innovation;
  • promotion of social, economic and environmental viability and sustainability of the City of Whitehorse; and,
  • support and promotion of quality of life for the Whitehorse community.

Investment and Economic Development Mission Statement

The Investment and Economic Development Unit exists to direct and implement the Investment and Economic Development Strategy 2024-2028 and beyond, focussing on improving quality of life for people living, working, studying and visiting the City of Whitehorse.

Consultation Process

Whitehorse City Council invited our community, businesses and stakeholders to contribute to the development of the I&EDS 2024-2028.  Council has undertaken the following engagement activities.

Investment & Economic Development Strategy Extension 2020 - 2022

Extension Strategy Cover

Whitehorse Economic Analysis Report

Whitehorse Community Engagement Report

Consultation occurred with community and business stakeholders to ensure that the Strategy reflects community values and considers the needs of industry and wider business community.

At the conclusion of the consultation, two reports were completed as part of the process for the 2023-2027 Investment and Economic Development Strategy. The Whitehorse Community and Industry Engagement ( PDF 1.47MB) report and the Whitehorse Economic Analysis ( PDF 3.27MB) report are now available.

Further Information

For further information contact the Investment and Economic Development Unit on 9262 6333 or email business@whitehorse.vic.gov.au 

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