Whitehorse Business Group

Established in 1996, the Whitehorse Business Group (WBG) connects the local businesses and assists Whitehorse City Council to develop business initiatives.

With approximately 9000 businesses operating in the City of Whitehorse, the WBG provides an opportunity to foster business to business networking, and contribute to the local economy through:

  • Encouraging ongoing networking opportunities.
  • Recognising local business excellence.
  • Facilitating initiatives to support expansion of local business.
  • Connecting and identifying local business links.
  • Encouraging employment through local business growth.
  • Developing strategic partnerships for economic advantage.
  • Developing a membership base which represents the local business community.
  • Whitehorse Business Awards a premier business awards excellence and recognition program in Whitehorse.

For more information and to get involved visit Whitehorse Business Group website