Sustainability Resources for Businesses

There are many resources available for businesses who are looking at becoming more sustainable. Whether it is energy efficiency, saving water, recycling or planting a wildlife garden, there are a range of options for any size business. 

Energy Savers Program

Whitehorse City Council is helping businesses to upgrade equipment and lighting with State Government subsidies through the new program, Energy Savers.

This program aims to provide support to businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19 by helping them save money, while contributing towards Victoria’s 2050 zero net emissions target.

Businesses located in the municipality can register online to take advantage of the subsidies. Small businesses with 1-19 full-time employees located in the municipality can register online to take advantage of these subsidies that can reduce the cost of installing energy-efficient equipment, including new hot water systems, high efficiency air-conditioners, refrigeration, and other appliances.

Businesses who register are connected with a selected panel of accredited and trustworthy suppliers, who can take care of the installations and upgrades and required paperwork to access the subsidies. By switching to subsidised solar and energy-saving equipment, businesses can save operational costs and focus on growing their business.

After inspiration or more ideas? Case studies are now available with information about businesses who have taken part in the program. 

Register your businesses interest online at Energy Savers.

Business Compost Rebates 

Has your business considered composting? Businesses are now eligible for a one off rebate of up to $150 if they spend $50 or more. Composting is not only good for the environment and returns nutrients back to the soil, it can help reduce waste to landfill and save on costs.

For more information visit Council’s composting and food waste page for more information.

Waste and Recycling Services

Council extends the residential bin services to smaller businesses, where suitable. Visit Council's bin services page for further information.

For businesses that create a lot of waste, consider seeking a competitive rate for a private collection company or for one off waste collections consider seeking options for skip hires.

Visit Planet Ark’s Business Recycling page for further resources such as tips on choosing a recycler, signage and a war on waste toolkit.

Other Disposal Options

If it can’t go in your bins, it may be recycled elsewhere. Such as e-waste, oil and liquid waste, light globes, chemicals, batteries, metals and paint.

Some items can be taken to Council’s Recycling and Waste Centre or recycled via a specialist recycler. Visit the Recycling and Waste Centre page for a list of accepted items and charges or visit Planet Ark’s business directory to find waste and recycling services near you.

Gardens for Wildlife

Gardens for Wildlife is a free program designed to support locals to set an area aside in their garden for our wildlife. By planting indigenous or selected Australian native plants, you can create a garden that attracts birds, insects, butterflies, lizards and much more.

Businesses with an outdoor area, whether it be a garden bed in a carpark or courtyard with large planter pots, can register to have a visit from our Garden Guides.  Advice is provided on how to make the area more wildlife friendly which will make it better habitat for humans too.

Responsible Cafes

Are you a responsible café or wanting to become one? Get recognised for doing the right thing for the community and planet, whether it is offering a discount for bringing a reusable cup, using organic produce or reducing the use of disposable plastics within your cafe.

Registered café’s will be added to Responsible café’s digital map that is used by 1,000s of customers each week and café’s will have access to download posters and guides.

Visit the Responsible cafe website for more information. 

Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre Grants

The Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre now have a number of grants available for eligible businesses.
Grants streams include identification, implementation and innovation. Visit the Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre’s webpage for more information.

Sustainability Resources , Programs and Organisations

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