Think Local Buy Local

The Think Local Buy Local messaging has been a regular message for a number of years.

Currently, there are campaigns that encourage consumers to Think Local and Buy Local but as a business owner, there are ways that you too can become involved too.

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How can my business become involved?
Maybe it is time for a Supply Chain health check?

There are many ways to become involved in Thinking Local and Buying Local including registering for campaigns, promoting your location/precinct story and many more.
No doubt the COVID19 pandemic has resulted in you rethinking your businesses supply chain. Successful businesses usually undertake regular supply chain ‘health checks’. This enables them to review costs and terms, identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, and explore new collaborations or opportunities.

Next time you review your supply chain, we are asking you to consider how your procurement choices may play an important role in leading Australia’s economic recovery.

Recent economic analysis revealed that:

  • If every business in Whitehorse spends $1000 at other local businesses on Australian Made goods and services, it is estimated that 74 jobs will be supported across the Australian economy.
  • If these goods and services were to be sourced from businesses that are also Australia owned, this increases to an estimated 96 jobs.
  • If the expenditure on Australian Made goods and services is directed at Australian owned business with strong local supply chains and a greater use of Australian inputs, an estimated 99 jobs will be supported.

 Campaigns to Support Your Business

  • Whitehorse Supporting Local Map   

    The Whitehorse Supporting Local Map is a promotional tool for businesses to display their current offerings to the local Whitehorse community. This map uses listings already on Google Maps, and displays extra information provided by the businesses about current offers, changed arrangements or opening hours. Businesses located in Whitehorse are invited to submit relevant information to be added to the map.

    Submit your details now using the online form or view the map via Supporting Local Whitehorse Map webpage

  • Go Local First

    The Go Local First campaign, created by the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia, encourages the support of local businesses by choosing to spend with small businesses, both in store and online.

    Business can get involved with the campaign and nominate to be a local case study.

Share Your Recovery Stories

With restrictions easing, and as life unfolds to a new COVID normal, tell us how your centre is welcoming customers back. Are tenancies going it alone, or have these unprecedented times forged new collaborations to roll out joint initiatives or activities?

Remember, when traders work together better outcomes for all businesses can be achieved. Is 2020 the year you became a centre champion to unite your neighbours, share ideas and develop new ways to promote your centre?

Is there a local business association or industry doing something out of the ordinary to promote the notion of supporting local businesses?

We would love to hear your stories or initiatives (and may be even share them with the community) and invite you to email