Interns in Industry

In light of the COVID pandemic, the 2020 Interns in Industry program has been cancelled. Deakin University’s Faculty of Business and Law have developed a new program Australian Business Consultancy (ABC) Program to assist businesses (including not for profit organisations) that are looking to explore and develop a strategy to a specific problem or idea. 

During the program a small consultancy team comprising undergraduate and postgraduate students, will engage with your business or organisation through virtual collaboration platforms to understand the nature of your problem/idea, your requirements and capabilities, before delivering you with a final report and presentation of suggested strategies. There is no cost to participate in the program.

To learn more contact the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Coordinator Matthew Cameron 9246 8415 or email

Interns in Industry

Whitehorse remains committed to supporting our business community and elevating education through experience, and are currently exploring opportunities to assist businesses post COVID-19 in collaboration with our tertiary institutions.  To register your interest, please email Council's Investment and Economic Development Unit on providing details of the kind of assistance you are seeking.

Are you looking to bring fresh ideas and a new perspective into your workplace or have a project scheduled that could use some additional resources, Interns in Industry may be for you.

Interns in Industry is a free internship program that runs between July and September.  The program provides an opportunity for businesses to connect with and utilise the skills, insights and dedication of talented established and final year undergraduate and postgraduate students from Deakin Business School.

Business hosts are not required to pay students, whose participation forms part of the Work Integrated Learning internship unit. Students satisfying the requirements of the placement will gain a credit point towards their degree.

Students must complete between 100-120 hours (which will be based around your business requirements) who will work on real business problems and projects relevant to their area of study.  These include :

  •  Accounting
  •  Information systems  
  •  Supply chain
  •  Marketing and event management
  •  Business analytics
  •  Real estate and property
  •  Economics
  •  Financial planning
  •  Banking and finance
  •  Human Resources, and
  •  Recruitment 

Deakin Business School provides a dedicated highly skilled team that will shortlist students through a multi stage application process with businesses getting to meet potential interns and nominate their preference.

To be eligible to participate, the business/organisation must meet the following criteria:

  • 5 or more employees*.
  • Must be a registered business.
  • Meaningful and professional work duties where both parties derive value from the experience.
  • Internship to be completed at professional business premises (work from home / residential addresses not acceptable).
  • A successful OHS assessment.
  • Appropriate supervision of the student (this will be case by case – what is the supervisors experience, qualifications etc).

 *Exceptions may be made at the discretion of Deakin Business School.

This is a competitive program and placements are limited and subject to student availability. Deakin and Council reserve the right to discount businesses from the program for additional reasons.

If you are a business and have some questions about the program, register for an information session with Deakin representatives or Council staff to learn if this program is suitable for your business:

If you are a business and have some questions about the program, please contact Council's Investment and Economic Development Unit on

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