Whitehorse Recovery Grants Package: Business - Round 1

The Whitehorse Recovery Grants Round 1 supported 280 small to medium-sized businesses to invest in online and e-commerce capabilities, take part in training and professional development and purchase items to assist businesses with addressing COVID related regulations so they can be ready to commence or continue to trade in this new environment. 

There was an exceptional number of applications received from all types of industries and sectors, including hospitality, retail and professional services.

As featured in the November edition of the Whitehorse News, a few examples were shared to celebrate the work of Whitehorse businesses.

  • Natural Wonders Australia are developing a strong digital marketing strategy that will be supported by a new website design.
  • The Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking will have a new website, featuring online shopping and instructional videos. They’re also engaging specialist guidance on how to teach in a safer way, using personal protective equipment and cleaning materials.
  • The Hardrock Climbing Company are developing a new marketing strategy with a focus on their online brand and social media. Their workforce will be receiving additional training about safety leadership, mental health first aid and COVIDsafe ways to interact with clients.
  • Kenner Electrics are producing a series of hard copy booklets on home electrical safety, as well as investing in professional coaching to guide the future growth of their business.
  • Scuba Culture are improving their digital presence, with a new marketing campaign, online shop and training course booking system. They are also installing new signs to increase the road side visibility of their shop.
  • The Pastry Lounge as part of the continuation of reinventing themselves, are continuing to launch new products. This funding will assist them in producing new labels that are externally designed and printed, as well as engaging a multimedia professional to promote their products.

Whitehorse City Council is committed to providing support to the local Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and it acknowledges that many SME’s have experienced severe impacts from COVID-19, and that some have been affected since January 2020. 

Three funding streams were available for the business community through the Whitehorse Recovery Grants Round 1, all having an overarching focus on business adaption, innovation and resilience.

Further Information

Whitehorse Recovery Grants Package: Business - Round 2 will open on Monday 8 February. Find out more about round 2.

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